Case Study


Fintech App

The opportunity

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, a chance conversation with a local parking security worker in South Africa revealed a pressing issue - the decline in cash payments due to strict regulations and health concerns. This encounter left me both disheartened and intrigued, sparking a journey that led me to collaborate with two like-minded software engineers who shared the same frustrations. Together, we embarked on a part-time mission to address this problem and birthed TIPnGO. A couple of months later we celebrated the milestone of processing our first payment, showcasing how innovation and adaptability can transform adversity into opportunity.

The solution

At TIPnGO, our mission is to revolutionise the service industry through the power of payment technology. We understand the challenges faced by vendors and street entrepreneurs in this sector, and we approach our work with care, understanding, and empathy. With our innovative solutions, we aim to empower service providers and ensure that they have access to the financial tools and resources they need to thrive. We believe that everyone deserves equal opportunities, and we are committed to creating a more inclusive and supportive environment for the service industry.



The choice of a bright fluorescent yellow was inspired by hi-visibility bibs worn by the security guards, a symbol of attention and safety. This bold yellow color immediately grabbed the viewer's eye, conveying a message of clarity, alertness, and accessibility. It was a statement that TIPnGO was not just another financial company but one that stood out and demanded attention.

The logo itself was a harmonious blend of these two colors. It featured bold typography with the company name, TIPnGO, in uppercase letters, emphasizing the brand's confidence and authority. The choice of fonts was modern and clean, ensuring clarity and readability.

TIPnGO Corporate Identity

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The takeaway

The journey of creating the TIPnGO app has been nothing short of remarkable. What makes this endeavor truly unique is the dedication and passion of its creators. It's important to emphasize that TIPnGO has been developed part-time by a team of three individuals who are not only deeply committed to their creation but also genuinely passionate about the cause it serves. This project is not just a product of business aspirations; it's a labor of love and a testament to the unwavering belief in the importance of financial inclusion. The fact that TIPnGO is entirely self-funded further underscores the team's dedication and determination to bring their vision to life, irrespective of the challenges they face.

Key players

Head of Creative: Ruan Blignaut