Case Study

Chaka Trading Company


Chaka Trading Co., a visionary enterprise, takes its name from the Quechua word "Chaka," which means "bridge." This term holds a profound significance, not only in its material interpretation but also in the deeper sense of being a "bridge of consciousness." Quechua, also known as Runa Simi or the "People's Language," is a pre-colonial Native American language primarily spoken by families in the Andes region of South America.

Chaka Trading Co. embarked on a mission to create an online store that would connect the craftsmanship and cultural richness of South America with consumers in the United States. Their objective was to offer a curated selection of handcrafted items from the Andean region, bridging the geographical gap and bringing the essence of South American heritage to a global audience.

The Challenge

To realise their vision, Chaka Trading Co. sought our expertise in designing a compelling brand identity and developing a user-friendly e-commerce website. The challenge lay in capturing the cultural richness and artisanal heritage of South America while ensuring the brand remained accessible and appealing to an American audience.

The Solution

Our creative journey began with extensive exploration of design concepts that would embody the essence of Chaka Trading Co. The inspiration for the brand identity came from an unexpected source – the Puente Zigzag, a captivating zigzag bridge located in Ecuador. This architectural marvel served as a muse, inspiring the creation of a distinctive zigzag pattern that also formed the letter "A" in "Chaka."

The zigzag pattern, reminiscent of the handwoven textiles found in South American culture, was infused with symbolism. It represented not only the intricate craftsmanship but also the idea of bridging cultures and connecting people through the artistry of South America.

Taking the zigzag "A" design further, we crafted a unique and versatile pattern that would be an integral part of the brand's identity. This conceptual design resonated deeply with the client, encapsulating the heart and soul of Chaka Trading Co.

The zig-zag pattern that formed the A in Chaka.

Chaka Trading Co. Brand Identity

Merchandise Design

E-Commerce Website Design

The takeaway

Chaka Trading Co. successfully launched as a bridge between two diverse worlds, connecting the cultural heritage of South America with consumers in the United States. The brand's zigzag pattern, inspired by the Puente Zigzag, not only paid homage to the region's craftsmanship but also conveyed the concept of unity and cultural exchange.

Through our collaboration, Chaka Trading Co. now stands as a testament to the power of design in bringing cultures together and creating a thriving online marketplace that celebrates the beauty and artistry of South America.

Key players

Creative Director/Designer: Ruan Blignaut

Website Development: Heinrich Blignaut