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When we were first approached to do some design work for The Grind coffee shop - they were just a small cafe situated in a bicycle store in the Melrose Arch Precinct. The brand reflected the bicycle theme - but the owners decided to grow the brand and move away from the cycling theme, and rather move into a more modern aesthetic.

Their first logo was a squashed inline typeface in a circular bicycle cog element. There where quite a few unnecessary lines and we knew we had to take a minimalist approach to solve their logo.

TheGrind-CaseStudy 1
TheGrind-CaseStudy 2

Disclaimer: Not our designs

TheGrind-CaseStudy 3

Our approach was to keep the inline font but made sure that its not squashed and used the same typeface (without the inline) for the "THE" part of the name, then we introduced a new font for their tag line, which is also their Instagram handle, and kept their green as a solid colour but introduced a watercolour texture as an alternative to their logo background.

TheGrind-CaseStudy 4
TheGrind-CaseStudy 5
TheGrind-CaseStudy 6

The watercolour texture became the canvas of the brand and we used it in various ways to give their brand a unique voice. When we redesigned the menu we hand-illustrated all the menu items in fun, quirky style and took that quirk right through the various other brand elements.

TheGrind-CaseStudy 7
TheGrind-CaseStudy 8
TheGrind-CaseStudy 9
TheGrind-CaseStudy 10
TheGrind-CaseStudy 11
TheGrind-CaseStudy 12

For the coffee packaging we designed wrap-around sleeves and illustrated the notes and flavour profiles of each specialty roasted bean. To stick to the quirky style of the illustrations we used ridiculous puns to name each coffee instead of the normal naming convention used by other cafes.

TheGrind-CaseStudy 13
TheGrind-CaseStudy 14
TheGrind-CaseStudy 15


During their first two years of trade TheGrind had built quite a following and loyal customer base, their coffee was top-notch and their healthy snacks were selling like hotcakes, well vegan hotcakes. After careful consideration the owners decided to grow the business into a full-on eatery to cater for the high demand in quality healthy meals. assisted in the process from a creative point of view and helped them grow into a new brand - TheGrind Greenery.

We did extensive research on current restaurant and cafe trends and proposed a few aesthetic directions. We knew that they were catering to an upperclass market and that their offering was completely unique to any other cafes in the precinct. So we had to take a fresh approach yet hold on to some brand elements that their patrons grew accustomed to.

We drew our inspiration from Moroccan designs and introduced a new badge element to the logo. To not lose the previous brand - our strategy was to - not completely redesign the previous logo but rather to organically grow it into a new logo. We designed a custom pattern that fits in with the Moroccan aesthetic and main badge element. Lastly we introduced 6 new colours to their previous palette but kept to the same hues.

Although we have introduced a third font - we only use it in the logo and it becomes a design element instead of a typographical element, keeping to the minimalist approach of the brand's aesthetic.

TheGrind-CaseStudy 16
TheGrind-CaseStudy 17
TheGrind-CaseStudy 18
TheGrind-CaseStudy 19
TheGrind-CaseStudy 20
TheGrind-CaseStudy 21
TheGrind-CaseStudy 22
TheGrind-CaseStudy 23
TheGrind-CaseStudy 24

The new pattern and Moroccan influence gave us endless opportunities and, as we are still working with this company, it will be exciting to see what the future hold. Please visit the main page here to see more of the current branding.

TheGrind-CaseStudy 25
TheGrind-CaseStudy 26
TheGrind-CaseStudy 27
TheGrind-CaseStudy 28


All original photos by Alexi Portokallis

TheGrind-CaseStudy 29

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