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Debt is not only financially crippling but can also lead to anxiety and depression. Get peace of mind and let FinFix help you fix your debt.

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What We Do

FinFix offers sound financial advice

We can help you reduce your debt



FinFix can help to prevent legal action by creditors

We can help you secure your assets

Who We Are

FinFix has one simple goal; to ease the straining burden of debt. Recent studies show that South Africans spend 75% of their take-home salary on debt. Thus, the average South African only has a quarter of their salary each month to spend on living expenses and luxuries. It is possible to be debt-free.

We at FinFix believe that every individual needs to be treated with respect, dignity, and diligence when it comes to debt consolidation. Our dedicated and professional team knows that each case is different. We find creative and innovative solutions tailored to the customer’s financial challenges.

FinFix is the loyal middleman between you and creditors.

We aim to restore and manage your finances.


Paying too much?

Seeing the one debit order going off on the 25th of each month can be stressful. With the rise of petrol prices and inflation, staying on top of things and managing your debt can be exhausting.

Become debt-free. Reclaim and restore your financial well-being.

No obstacle is too great. We can help you overcome your debt burden.

We can help you pay less on your credit card, home loan,
personal loan, and vehicle asset finance.
Get peace of mind, forget about debt and focus
on the important things in life.
Contact us today and relieve yourself from the burden of debt.

Free up some cash

Keep your valuable assets and gain financial control to spend money on what means the most to you and your loved ones. Debt consolidation is a powerful tool to help you spend your money on what matters. Pay only one instalment on your debt.

Financial aid when you need it.

Reduce your debt.
Step-by-Step guidance.
Debt Consolidation.
Pay less interest.

Even with one missed repayment, you can be assured that creditors will come knocking on your door. A never ending barrage of calls, tedious messages, and threatening creditors are the norm.

Protect your assets

The relentless calls of creditors, the sleepless nights, and the anxiety of debt repayments can be overwhelming. New data shows that the ability of consumers in South Africa to repay their debt has deteriorated. Many individuals lose their valuable assets due to crippling debt. FinFix can help you keep your assets.

Gain financial freedom

Keep your assets protected from repossession.
Pay less on debt installments.
Secure accounts in arrears.
Prevent legal action by creditors.

Reclaim, Restore & Reduce


Paying too Much?

Immediate cash flow relief.

Get immediate debt relief with reduced repayments.


Restructure your debt

Combine all your debt repayments into one hassle-free consolidated loan reduced



Behind with debt repayments?

Peace of mind for you and the creditors.

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We can assist with all your debt-related inquiries. Our friendly specialists will give you sound advice and an assessment for debt consolidation. Whatever your needs or concerns are, FinFix will be able to find a tailor made solution for you.

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Rating of 4.75 from 210 reviews

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be blacklisted?

With FinFix you will not be blacklisted. We can assist in improving your credit rating and clearing your credit profile upon the last repayment.

How much are your fees?

Our fees are dependent on the amount of debt FinFix will be consolidating and reducing. There are no upfront fees. We provide a free assessment and quote. The assessment takes only a few short minutes and our specialist can answer all your questions and provide you with valuable information. There’s no obligation to apply. Our fees are regulated by The National Credit Regulator.

How long before I am debt-free?

We always aim to have our clients debt-free and cleared as quickly as possible. Repayment periods depend on the amount of debt outstanding and the amount you can afford to pay. We can provide you with an estimated repayment term during our assessment.

Do I need an income?

A stable income is a requirement for our services. Self-employed persons or persons benefitting from allowances welcome.

Are you registered?

FinFix employs multiple skilled and registered debt counsellors as well as legal professionals to assist you in your debt journey. Registration Number: (NCRDC3062)

How much interest will I be paying?

We negotiate reduced interest rates on all of your accounts. You can look forward to

paying reduced interest rates on most if not all of your accounts.

How do I know if I qualify?

If you are struggling with your debt repayments you most likely do qualify. Get in touch with our team for a free assessment. Get Started Today

Why choose FinFix?

FinFix will provide you with the best service possible. We assist all our clients with the expertise and diligence their debt deserves at a very affordable rate.

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